Private use

A fascinating classy yet essential innovative device collection for wine preservation, that will equip every passionate and demanding aficionado’s wine cellar, endorsing any label. It provides the advantage of offering to guests any quality wine by the glass, from a sealed bottle, preserving the remaining content up to the next glass. The bottle can be preserved for unlimited time thereafter, according to its maturing time, obsoleting any wine loss due to an unavoidable fermentation, may be occurring from an open bottle, making the old access method an obsoleted procedure. Feel free to contact us for consultation!

Professional use

It allows access to countless closed bottles of the cellar in the professional area, according to the demand of the customers, who now have the option to have wine by the glass, even in special aging conditions. This ability is translated by pioneering professionals who can now provide a high quality service to the customer, by offering wine by the glass in restaurants, Restobars and Wine Bars, and even more sophisticated, in restaurants that dare for preset Food Pairing in the catalog, offering to the customer an unmistakable service of predetermined combination of quality food and wine, eliminating, at the same time, the loss of the remainder of the bottle.

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