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Oinotropies Wine Essentials was founded by Findi Trading Ltd a company focusing on innovative yet unique products for professional and domestic use, in Cyprus and abroad. Identifying and perfectly fulfilling the local Cyprus wine world needs on all levels, the company has secured exclusivity for the distribution for brands such as the monumental Brand of Coravin® and the globally established finest Wine Aerators and accessories from Vinturi®. Both being cutting edge technology devices, manufactured by dedicated afficionados rather than multinationals, the innovators have astonishingly approached and conquered a dual market need, becoming leaders in the global wine serving method.

Since 2012, especially Coravin®  has achieved the optimum concept, which was practically unimaginable, creating the opportunity of enjoying perfectly preserved wine by the glass, out of a sealed bottle (!). Vinturi®, acting on a parallel side of the wine map requirement methods, has by far achieved in creating the optimum engineering for the ancient principal of wine Aeration, that would perfectly satisfy any immediate need of wine aeration after the opening of the bottle (!). The two Brands combined are since then bound to reach out to any wine consumer needs, habits and methods, providing instantly the maximum possible satisfaction.

The Brands are dedicated to endorse any wine aficionados’ and professionals’ requirements for a decade since 2012. Four years after the innovation, following research and study, Oinotropies has been exquisitely servicing the Professional sector, with a portfolio of 60 prime locations, as well as the Domestic market Consumers and importantly, Private Collectors.

Managing the Brands locally

Oinotropies Wine Essentials has been operating in a pioneering management system, under the global umbrella of the FTL, deploying skilled and experienced yet adaptive methods by its founder and team of associates, allowing the company to steer through any existing or occurring variable ruling the local environment, according to applicable global trends and requirements. Exploiting this corner stone element from within the core of its system, along with many ingredients deriving for a global dna alike wine, Oinotropies has been actively following a path of progressive evolution, optimizing their services.

Oinotropies, has anticipated past and recent global crisis, overturning obstacles to advantageous synergy, thriving between the company’s resources and outsourcing expertise solutions, in Warehousing and Logistics, professional and efficient Courier networks that cover nationally up to remote areas, collaborating with skilled Sommeliers and a dedicated Oenologist for any requirement or advice for Professionals, Horeca, Collectors or Domestic consumers.

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